Laurie Penny: „Unspeakable Things“ (2014) – Eine feministische Lese-Empfehlung, die nur aus Zitaten aus dem Buch besteht und damit für sich selbst spricht <3

„This is for the others, as one of the others, as one of those who will never be satisfied with good enough, with free enough, with equality for some. This is for the unspeakable ones, the unnatural ones, the ones who upset people. Who do not do as they are told. Who speak when they shouldn’t and refuse to smile when they are supposed on demand. Who are weird and always want too much. If you’re one of those, or think you might be, this book’s for you.“ (p. 4-5)

„The feminism that has mattered to the media and made magazine headlines in recent years has been the feminism most useful to heterosexual, high-earning middle- and upper-middle-class white women. Public ‚career feminists‘ have been more concerned with getting more women into ‚boardrooms‘, when the problem is that there are altogether too many boardrooms, and none of them is on fire.“ (p. 5)

„The Internet is a real place. It’s where we live and work and fight and fuck and make friends. Harassment, intimidation and silencing online are more than ‚just words‘ (p. 199)

„I buy her a cupcake from a posh sex shop. The cupcake icing on it shaped like a cunt with a little clear sugar glaze trickling obscenely off the frosting folds. She laughs and eats it right there in front of me because she’s hungry. (…) I love her and I love him and I love seeing them together, and when it’s just the two of us we share something he isn’t allowed to see, something private. (…) It’s true love, not the way they tell it in stories, but it’s true.“ (p. 232)

„Love(TM) is not true love, in the sense that many other kinds of love are also true. I have spent more time than I care to contemplate in my nimble years in the company of poly-amorists, queer non-monogamists and the sort of people who prefer labels like ‚love anarchists‘, which tends to mean that they have a zine collection and don’t shave, which in its own way is wonderful.“ (p. 233)

„Being In Love is great, but it’s not the greatest happiness I have ever known. In fact, I prefer plotting revolution with my friends.“ (p. 238)


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